Tennessee Medicare Supplemental Insurance Or Tennessee Medicare Advantage Plans – Which Is Better?

  • Tennessee Medicare Supplemental Insurance Or Tennessee Medicare Advantage Plans - Which Is Better?

    Seniors in Tennessee with Medicare know that original Medicare only covers up to 80% of the complete health-related costs. This is why, in addition to their traditional Medicare, many seek additional Medicare supplemental insurance to cover the remaining 20% that are not covered by Tennessee Medicare.

    This 20% not paid by original Medicare is from also referred to as the “co-payment”, which some consumers basically are unable to pay. Considering the fact that most seniors live on a very tight budget, paying those 20% co-payment can be a major problem. Unfortunately, the government is on a yearly basis increasing the Medicare premiums and reducing the benefits that are covered.

    Here is what Medicare will and will not pay and what you can do to fill in the gaps that are not covered by traditional Medicare:

    Medicare Part A: Hospital Expenses: For persons who are in a hospital for 24 hours Tennessee Medicare will pay for all hospital cost for the first 60 days after deductible.… Read more

  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance Tennessee

    Traditional Medicare (Part A and B) does not provide 100% coverage for medical expenses such as deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance. Therefore Tennessee Medicare Supplemental insurance plans were designed to fill the gaps that traditional Medicare doesn’t cover. Also called ‘Medigap’, such a Medicare Supplement plan allows Tennessee seniors on Medicare to stay healthy, knowing that such a supplemental insurance may pay for many of the health care costs that are not covered by Medicare.

    There are two basic parts of original Medicare, Part A and Part B. Medicare Part A was created with the original Medicare package, is an insurance that is bankrolled by the government, and covers costs associated with home health services, hospice, nursing home facilities, hospital stays that are classified as inpatient, and Non medical Health care Institutions with a religious affiliation.There is no premium for Medicare Part A if you paid in Medicare taxes while you were working.… Read more

  • Medicare Advantage Plans Tennessee

    If you live in Tennessee and are eligible for Medicare, you may want to look into Tennessee Medicare Advantage Plans. Medicare Advantage, also referred to as ‘Medicare Plan C’ offers Tennessee seniors who are eligible for Medicare the choice of using a private insurance plan instead of Medicare itself. Since Medicare‚Äôs for-fee services and limitations can be significant, particularly in the case of prescriptions, Tennessee Medicare Advantage plans help many people to get better health insurance coverage with more benefits and lower out-of-pocket costs. And, because the premiums for these plans are determined by competition among private health insurance providers, you can often find an inexpensive plan that covers your health care needs, becoming an excellent alternative to traditional Medicare.

    Under Medicare Advantage you may sign up for a HMO, PPO or Fee For Service (FFS) plan or a Medical Savings Account (MSA) – whatever meets your health care needs and budget.… Read more